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Whether visiting for a short or a long stay, food is a hugely important part of the Western Balkans culture. Traditions and festivals based around regional foods are upheld very strongly and the mixture of influences over the centuries has lead to a varied, delicious and, most importantly, a diet based on whole, real foods, not processed foods. On the coastline of Montenegro the cuisine is Mediterranean in type. Move into the north of the country and across borders into other Western Balkans countries and the cuisine changes to reflect the geography and climate. Wines are also a very important product in the region.


If you have time for just one meal, let us recommend places to eat. If you have longer then consider one of our truly interactive gastronomy holidays, which will submerse you into the cuisine and culture of the region.



  • Interactive gastronomy tours and experiences

  • Learn to where to source, what to buy and how to prepare

  • Wine tasting and vintner led tours - vineyards and cellars

  • Get involved - make your own loza, blend your own wines

  • Hike with local guides to identify herbs and spices

  • Visit the sources of organic and fresh farm produce

  • Fish for dinner  - accompany fisherman to take the catch

  • Let local people and local chefs introduce you to their cuisine and their traditions

  • Sit back, eat, drink and 'ziveli' (good health !)

Hiking and Trekking

Gastronomy Tours and Experiences

Tastes of Montenegro

1 Week hands-on gastronomy experiences based on Montenegro's coast.

Tastes of Macedonia

A cultural and gastronomic journey through Macedonia.
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